The Chakras Journey

This  reference page can be utilized to refresh your experience from the Classes with Starhawk

HUM ~ Pure Potential
EE.  ~  Insight
AHEE  ~ Communication
AH.  ~ Unconditional Love
MA. ~ Full range of emotions
OH   ~ Creation, Creativity
OO.  ~  Security
What are the benefits of learning about the Chakras?
When we gain a clear understanding of the energetic Chakra system of awareness, we are able to clarify the choices we are confronted with daily. We automatically respond to any situation with clarity .
We can easily identify the belief systems that are rising to our consciousness and decide if our belief or a belief that has been pounded into us.
Here is an example of a negative belief :
The World is a hard place.
Positive Knowing:
The world is a wondrous & diverse Place.
either of these are associated with the ROOT CHAKRA which has the vibrational energy of SECURITY & SAFTY.
If you are stuck in the negative Belief that the world is unsafe , you will have a low vibrational field that effects the kind of experience you will have.

Exploring the 8th. thru 12th. Chakras