Time is TBD | Massage Outpost in DUMBO

Chakra Journey to Your Highest Self (1)

Exploration of the Majesty & Mastery of the 8th. thru 12th. Chakras
Chakra Journey to Your Highest Self  (1)

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Massage Outpost in DUMBO, 68 Jay St #609, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

About The Event

Chakra Journey Continues

The 8th. thru 12th. Chakras

Move into the realm of purpose and inspiration.

with this Esoteric Knowledge we gain the ability to Consciously create a brand new future

for ourselves in real and meaningful ways.

This information has not be widely explored till Now. Starhawk truly feels that we Humans have Evolved to a point that we can now Easily understand & Move Gracefully with this Knowledge !

  • Understand the Mystery and Majesty of the 8th. thru 12th. Chakras
  • Awakening your Higher Senses~with this awareness we can once again harness the power of our Imagination, Inspiration ,Intuition ,Warmth, Balance. These are Real Senses that when we pay attention to them will prove to guide us to the most amazing outcomes.
  • Increase your Creativity, Compassion & Passion ,Communication and Insight
  • Learn Active & Silent Meditations to Strengthen your connection to Spirit
  • Q & A'

Know This" You are Perfect, Beautiful, Powerful Beings,You are not broken in need of repair ! Your Not a car or an oven that needs to go a repair shop, or call a mechanic to replace your heating elements. Maybe ,just maybe you've fallen asleep. Wake Up! It is truly that easy ! Join Starhawk on this Wonder-Filled Journey of Waking Up & Dance in the remembrance of wholeness

  • With Love Starhawk
  • Chakra Journey Continues
  • Chakra Journey for 2 people
  • 2 Event Chakra Journey